7 Best Moviebox App Alternatives for Android & iOS [ Moviebox Apk Replacement ]

By | February 10, 2017

Moviebox App Alternatives

The best way to get relaxed and refresh yourself is to watch latest movies and our favorite drama, episodes. I don’t know about you but this works for me. Though I am not a Movie Buff but know many of them who just can’t wait to watch the latest release and what’s better than the MovieBox App to get started in your smartphone. We have some Best Movie App alternative listed here for Android Smartphones.

moviebox apk alternatives

 Moviebox Not Working ? Try These 7 Moviebox App Alternatives


Nothing is best like Showbox for streaming movies to watch smoothly. It has huge storage for Varieties of the latest as well as classic Movies, Music Videos, TV Shows, Serials, Cartoons etc. It’s a free App but not available at Google Play store. You need to install the App in APK format to your android phone or else sideload by the media file transfer devices through Wi-Fi, USB or Bluetooth. It is a user-friendly App with easy to follow instructions.

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2.Movie HD

You can count on MovieHD App when Moviebox is not working or you might find it better. This again is not available on Playstore but can be sideloaded or installed. It’s again a free App with extremely hassle-free streaming. One can enjoy the Movies, TV shows, Serials etc with the HD quality. The app allows to Blue Ray HD Video too.  It can be run on IOD also.

3.PlayBox HD

This is one of the latest one as an alternative to MovieBox App for Android phones. It can be streamed through chrome cast like most Movie Apps and is free. It has a large collection of movies and the content is completely HD. PlayBoxHD App has mostly similar features like MovieBox App and is available in the market and leading App stores.

4.Movie Tube

You can find MovieTube App as a very good alternative to the Moviebox App for Android Smartphones. It is another free App easily available to install and in leading App. Store. You will really appreciate the range of Movies in 18 different languages; be it, English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Hindi or else. You will limitless streaming (without any registration requirements) for Movies, Video Albums, TV shows etc.


TubiTV App is very similar and free App to think of as an alternate to MovieBox App.  It’s a free, chrome cast supportive and Multi-device syncing App. You can stream Movies, TV Series, and shows, cartoons etc.  Every Friday, New Movies and TV shows are added here, and you can select the Movies/Shows genre wise


IMDB App can be used in place of Moviebox Alternative for Android, as it is free and smoothly be streamed to watch movies and shows in various languages. This App. Is also known as for celebrity contents. So one can watch celebrities stories as well here. Click here for imdb app


No doubt Netflix is one of the best alternatives to Moviebox but it doesn’t come free. You have to pay the price for monthly subscription or can choose other available options for its high-quality features. However, when it comes to watching Movies on your conditions it’s worth it.Here is the official link to netflix.


We have covered all the genuine apps to watch movies online,which are perfect replacement for moviebox apk.Guys if we have missed out any other moviebox alternative app in the list,please do let us know in the comments section.